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Who is behind Uttoxeter Crafts

Hi My name is Eamonn Caswell

I live in a small market town of Uttoxeter in East Staffs, on the edge of the Staffordshire and Derbyshire border.

I started wood turning and woodworking with my father quite a few years ago, we started making pens and pencils to give to family and friends.  My sister and extended family are all known for being craft makers and enjoy the skills from knitting, card making, wood turning and craft specialties that our parents and grandparents have passed down from generation to generation.

We launched a website called https://handcraftedpen.co.uk/ (Which I still have) to help sell the pens and other products we made. Sadly my father passed in 2010, which was a big loss however I vowed to keep it going in his memory.

I have had health issues of my own over the past few years, unfortunately had to finish work due to it.

Health condition stopped much of my daily activities due to high pain levels, however I am now getting back in to it as and when I can so I decided to progress with the wood turning hobby further to help keep me as mentally active as possible.

Spring forward from our first turnings and here I am with not just pens but also other hand turned and hand made joinery items.  Along with the ability of being able to do engraving I started to engrave  the likes photo frames and other items specifically for personalisation.

With the support of my family I'm now able to launch this new Website (uttoxetercrafts.com) which I wanted to celebrate the heritage of Uttoxeter, this is evidence of what I want to do and provide a unique bespoke gifts for all to enjoy.

When My father and I were making pens it was always difficult to find quality presentation boxes to display the pens, so over the last 10 years I have developed my own style of presentation boxes from the basic single slotted to the box cut with a laser cut out insert to hold the pen snugly in its box.

My dream is to make as many people happy as I possibly can with my products, this web site is the beginning of Uttoxeter Crafts but continuing to make the handcrafted pens as where it all started.

 My presentation boxes are targeted at the special milestone or achievement in personal life or work life, from weddings to anniversaries, retirements to achieving excellence in business or study. Its what I specialise in.

My Mission
It's my mission to provide you with an imaginative and unique handcrafted and bespoke personalised gifts, along with quality writing instrument, with high quality materials and finish

Uttoxeter Crafts & Handcrafted Pens

I operate as a sole trader and the business "Uttoxeter Crafts" is not registered at companies house, but I am looking in to progressing to that level once we increase our customer base further.


  • This is how we used to present the letter opener and pen sets

  • Bespoke own made set boxes

    The new style pen set boxes

  • Bespoke own made set boxes

    The new style pen set boxes

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We provide a unique service and high quality of product that is not available from any other pen maker or craft supplier

  • I provide bespoke items from hand turned pens, letter openers and pencils, to personalised or engraved items like photo frames, hip flasks and presentation boxes.

  • I provide a unique personal one to one service to ensure that we meet your requirements from start to finish.

  • Pictures below when I was commissioned to do a special box and engrave it for our then Prime minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson being presented with a special handmade presentation box
Presentation box with Boris Johnson engraved on the lid
Stainless Steel all English pen set presented in a hand made English Oak wood presentation box