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Why should you buy from us?

  • Value for money

Ever find yourself constantly searching for a pen, picking up the nearest pen you see, borrowing one from the nearest person or even constantly popping out to the shops to buy the same style disposable pen?

Think about all of that money you are throwing away over a year, or upsetting the owner you keep borrowing that pen off!

A myth I often hear about quality handmade pens is that they are too expensive or don’t want to risk losing the pen after the initial outlay. I’m not asking you to spend millions, but it’s well-researched that if you buy quality goods then you look after them much more and keep things secure.

The disposable pen can be lost as you see it as low cost and throw-away, however; How much are you spending on them over the year?

One major benefit to think about when pondering if my pens are worth it is that they can save you money in the long run and therefore they are a great investment. A quality pen will last you longer under pressures of daily use, and when you have run out of ink, simply buy a cost-effective ink refill.

  • Boost creativity

Using one of my pens or pencils can improve your focus and concentration. The tactile experience of writing with a high-quality instrument can help ground your thoughts and prevent distractions.

The sense of satisfaction that comes from using a well-crafted pen can boost your creativity. JK Rowling, the famous author of the Harry Potter series is known to have written the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by hand. She says that she particularly likes plotting and writing first drafts by hand

Confidence plays a vital role in productivity. With confidence in your tools, such as one of my reliable pens or pencils, you’re more likely to approach tasks positively and accomplish them more efficiently. Especially when you know it will be there and it will work when you want it too.

  • What to choose?

In a world dominated by digital devices, the pen remains a powerful tool that can significantly influence productivity and creativity.
Whether you choose a fountain pen for its smooth writing experience, a Roller
Ball pen for its durability and elegance or a Ball Point pen for speed and efficiency the right one can make a noticeable difference in your daily tasks and projects. The next time you reach for a pen, make sure it’s one of mine and consider its impact on your productivity and choose wisely.

Stainless Steel all English pen set presented in a hand made English Oak wood presentation box

What is a gift someone can keep forever?

Nothing emphasizes a memorable gift like a bespoke pen and presentation gift set or pen, you can be assured that its a timeless piece of art that can be kept forever. It can also be returned to us for service and repairs if required.